Protecting and Preserving

The goal of Pella Wildlife is to keep wildlife healthy and offer a facility that is ready to help when wildlife gets injured or is orphaned.

Academy of Wildlife Education

Academy of Wildlife Education is a development of Pella Wildlife, which promotes Iowa Wildlife and Conservation Efforts. Academy of Wildlife Education is an opportunity to bring wildlife education and conservation efforts to the public at a low cost of $2 per child and $5 per adult. Patrons can touch and see live wild animals and learn about Iowa wildlife.


In order to further conservation effort in Iowa, Pella Wildlife is fundraising to purchase acreage in Marion County, for a total cost of $1,000,000.


Academy of Wildlife Education presents wildlife education programs based on accurate and factual information where the general public can receive the most current and accurate information in regards to conservation issues, inspire people to take an interest in local conservation efforts and motivate people to make changes that benefit them and the environment they live in. 


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