Old Chicago: $4.99 Lunch Buffet - November 13, 2013

Sick of eating fast-food for lunch? Do you fall into the trap of grabbing a burger at McDonalds and Burger King, or a Burrito from Taco Bell just because it's cheap? Fear the price of good food for lunch no more! At Old Chicago in Merle Hay Mall you can get a tasty lunch buffet for only $4.99!


Excerpt from the Des Moines Register

Food: On a blustery Monday, my husband and I had a penchant for a pizza buffet when I remembered Old Chicago's lunch buffet. A bigger bonus: It's just $4.99 on Mondays, compared to $7.75 every other weekday. We sat on the dining side of the restaurant, and placed our order. Not wanting to miss out on Old Chicago's Sicilian Pepperoni Rolls in case they weren't on the buffet, we added an order of those for $8.50. You also get your choice of soup or salad with the buffet.

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